Superior Wall Systems, Inc. has been in operation since 1976 bringing a deep experience base to the design assist process. Preconstruction is a process that involves a team of trade partners working together with the sole intent of serving what is best for the project and the design to get the best possible result for maximum value. This is accomplished by setting goals early in each phase of Preconstruction and achieving those goals by defining each team member’s role.

We actively participate in the design team meetings to accurately determine the scope, materials and the design intent. We do this by understanding what the client’s needs are and meeting those expectations. During this process, we carefully review the mean and methods of the project, code and compliance issues, and value engineering to insure the best possible value. We provide extensive document review for the architectural as well as the structural drawings offering suggestions to the design team in an effort to reduce questions once the project is underway.

An important element to the Preconstruction process is the ongoing pricing models as the project develops. We provide accurate pricing models through the life of the estimating and design process by accurately anticipating the project needs. This provides much needed predictability in the pricing to better inform the design team and the owner during the progression of the design. We do this with an emphasis on shared savings for both Superior Wall Systems, Inc. and the project team as well to provide the best possible value.

Scheduling is an essential; and critical part of any project and something we take very seriously. We will participate in scheduling meetings to meet the goals of the project team. Pull Plan Scheduling is an effective and accurate method of scheduling that we enthusiastically endorse. This method brings all the trades together to create a schedule with a great deal of accuracy. Coupling the scheduling with the cost analysis we can resource load a schedule to track the best value for the project.